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Faculty in News: Prof Christopher Abraham Interviewed by CNBC Arabia on Corporate Restructuring

Sun, 21 October

Prof Christopher Abraham, CEO and Head of Dubai Campus, SP Jain School of Global Management, was recently interviewed by CNBC Arabia (in spoken Arabic) on corporate restructuring.   Prof Chris discussed how companies embrace new strategic approaches to expand in new markets, impro... View More

Faculty in News: What is Consulting Management? All about the MBA Specialisation and its Job Prospects – Dr CJ Meadows writes in India Today

Sun, 21 October

Dr CJ Meadows, Area Head of Consulting Management, a specialisation offered by SP Jain School of Global Management in its Global MBA program, and Director - i2i (The Innovation & Insights Center), on 25th September 2018 authored an article titled ‘What is Consulting Management? All a... View More

Building Successful Digital Enterprises – SP Jain Singapore hosts IT Management Conclave 2018

Fri, 19 October

SP Jain School of Global Management hosted the Singapore chapter of IT Management Conclave 2018 on 5th October 2018 at its Singapore campus. The event focused on ‘Leadership and Governance in the Digital Age: Building Successful Digital Enterprises’. SP Jain’s annual IT Manag... View More