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SP Jain in News: Learning Live, But in a Simulation Lab - Hindustan Times Interviews Nitish Jain

Tue, 29 May

Nitish Jain (President – SP Jain School of Global Management) was recently interviewed by Hindustan Times, to discuss the institutions adapting to technology to supplement traditional classrooms.   Titled “Learning live, but in a simulation lab”, the interview ha... View More

Faculty in News: “How to pick your career stream” - Dr. Tarun Pasricha writes on

Tue, 29 May

Dr. Tarun Pasricha, Deputy Director (Undergraduate Programs) recently authored an article titled “How to pick your career stream”.     The article has been published by ‘’ and highlights the pursuit of a career that is in sync with o... View More

Faculty in News: Experts Praise Positive Moves – Prof Christopher Abraham Shares His Views in Gulf News

Tue, 29 May

Prof. Christopher Abraham recently shared his views which were featured in an article “Experts praise positive moves”, published in Gulf News. In the article, he commented on the recent announcement by the UAE cabinet to allow 100 percent foreign ownership in companies and long-ter... View More