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Faculty in News:Devil on a prowl: Rise of Bitcoin dotted with fear of backlash" - Vikram Pandya shares his views in Business Today

Wed, 27 December

With the concept of cryptocurrencies still being grasped by millions, Bitcoin has been constantly in the news. The highly fluctuating prices of the same have been a topic of discussion among the masses.   Vikram Pandya (Director - Fintech Program) speaks about this development to ... View More

Staying Alive – SP Jain Toastmasters Club Meets (Dubai Campus)

Wed, 27 December

The 17th meeting of the SP Jain Toastmasters Club was held on 25 November with TM Sami Herbawi’s motivating theme "Staying alive". The meeting started with TM Devang Thanki’s welcome address, followed by the promising President TM Parmita’s message.   T... View More

Luxury Management Conversation Series : Engaging with the Leaders of the Luxury Industry

Wed, 27 December

On 17 November 2017, the students of Luxury Management’s Batch 03 participated in the first session of the Conversation Series. The panel consisted of Suman Agarwal - Image Consultant (ICBI); Firdaus Rana - VP of Sales Taj Group; Hiral Shah - Food Blogger and Entrepreneur; and Gazal Meht... View More