President's Message

Dear Alums, 
We introduce to you our brand-new alumni portal equipped with loads of cutting-edge features! Have fun exploring. Of course, you may use it for professional purposes, like finding a new job or building professional contacts but please use it equally to share important moments of your life – your marriage, birth of your child, a work promotion or even pictures from a fun vacation. Just as you would on Facebook, Yammer or Google+. Or even Instagram or Periscope.
At our end, we will try to remind you of all the fun you had at S P Jain. You’ll get to see what some of your favourite faculty members are up to, achievements of the School, invitations to campus events, and the very latest and real-time information on the School. For those of you who wish to proudly display your pride in the School, we also plan to introduce interesting merchandise and e-cards. Every now and then, we will run contests, quizzes and in short, have a jolly good time! So log in right away! We need your support to make this portal a raging success.
If you are wondering what’s keeping us busy at the School, let me inform you that we have introduced several new postgraduate programs including a Master’s degree in Luxury Management (along with Europe’s #1 program) where in students spend 5 m in Mumbai and 5 in Milan and two 6 month programs in Big Data, and Digital Marketing. We also have a very successful program in Global Family Managed Business uniquely designed for those looking to join their family businesses. One program that many of you MBA and MGB graduates had asked for is a Doctorate in Business Administration. We have already launched this in Mumbai and Sydney. Those going to Sydney would get a 4-year work visa. 
In addition, we have launched a suite of high technology programs in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality and Fintech. Each of these topics are cutting-edge, up-to-the-minute and very unique. Really exciting times are ahead for the School and I urge you to stay tuned.
In the meantime, please tell us what you think of our new alumni portal. Speak to us about what we can do to improve our communication with you. We’d love to hear your views.
Nitish Jain