Sr. Vice President's Message

Dear Alumni,
It gives me a great pleasure to congratulate you on your continuous success. It is also my pleasure and privilege to welcome all our new members to the growing S P Jain Alumni Family.
As the privileged first employee at S P Jain I have personally seen the phenomenal growth over the years of your school.It has consistently grown from strength to strength to currently being recognized and ranked among the Top Business Schools in the world.
It continues to set path breaking innovations and initiatives including the setting up of our newest campus in Silicon Valley,California,USA.
This remarkable progress and achievement has been possible only because of the outstanding success stories that have been crafted individually by each one of you as proud alumnus in your respective endeavours.
Your relationship with your Alma Mater will continue with many more such exciting initiatives planned by the school.
On behalf of the entire team at  S P Jain, I warmly welcome you to be a part of this ongoing success journey and contribute your ideas and time to make your school reach even greater heights of excellence!
Best Wishes
Prof.Christopher Abraham 
Head - Dubai Campus , Sr Vice President - Institutional Development
Associate Dean - Undergraduate Programs
Professor of Leadership, Design Thinking and Organizational Behavior